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上海时时乐走势分析,罗素的名言英文版【三篇】_其它_总结/汇报_实用文档。上海时时乐走势分析上海时时乐走势分析,罗素的名言英文版【三篇】 【篇 1】 舟以外,鄂河之波,鄂河之岸,皆静如死,诡如天。 The boat outside Hubei river waves, Hubei river shore, is

上海时时乐走势分析,罗素的名言英文版【三篇】 【篇 1】 舟以外,鄂河之波,鄂河之岸,皆静如死,诡如天。 The boat outside Hubei river waves, Hubei river shore, is as quiet as death, such as a day. 厌烦是一个极端重要的问题,因为人类的恶行中,至少有一半是 因为对厌烦的恐惧引起的。 Boredom is an extremely important issue, because at least half of human's evil is caused by the fear of boredom. 幸福的秘诀是:尽量扩大你的兴趣范围,对感兴趣的人和物尽可 能友善。 The secret of happiness is to expand your range of interests and to be as friendly to people as you are interested in. 伟大的事业是根源于坚韧持续的工作,以全付精神去从事,不避 艰苦。 Great cause is the root of the tough work, to pay the spirit to engage in, not to avoid hard. 科学使我们为善或为恶的力量都有所提升。上海时时乐走势分析 Science gives us for good or evil forces have improved. 对于民主社会的公民来说,再没有什么比获得对高谈阔论的免疫 力更加重要。 For the citizens of a democracy, no more than what to talk with eloquence immunity is more important. 惟有对外界事物抱有兴趣才能保持人们精神上的健康。 Only to have an interest in things that can keep people's mental health. 一个明智的人决不会因别人有别的东西,就对自己的东西不感兴 趣。上海时时乐走势分析 A wise man will never have anything to do with what he has to do with something else. 忌妒是民主的基础。 Envy is the foundation of democracy. 乞丐并不会妒忌百万富翁,但是他肯定会妒忌收入更高的乞丐。 Beggars do not envy millionaires, but they are bound to be jealous of higher income beggars. 只有同这个世界结合起来,我们的理想才能结出果实;脱离这个 世界,理想就不结果实。 Only in combination with the world, our ideals can bear fruit; out of the world, the ideal will not bear fruit. 能够自觉而明智地充实空闲时间是文明的最后产物。上海时时乐走势分析 It is the last product of civilization to enrich the free time consciously and wisely. 传统的人看到背离传统的行为就大发雷霆,主要是因为他们把这 种背离当作对他们的批评。上海时时乐走势分析 The traditional people see a departure from traditional behavior will break into a furious rage, mainly because they regard such departure as a criticism of them. 【篇 2】 良好的人生是受行动并受智慧指导的。 A good life is to be guided by wisdom. 没有什么比犹豫不决更使人劳心费神,更无成效了。 No more than shilly-shally what makes people bother, but no results. **不决定谁对了,只决定谁留下了。 War is not to decide who is right, only to decide who is left. 所有形式的勇气,不管是在男人身上还是女人身上,都应该像体 魄上的勇气在战士身上一样,得到颂扬。 All forms of courage, whether in a man or a woman, should be like the body of the courage of the soldiers, to be praised. 一部人类的文明史就是规则与自由的探索。上海时时乐走势分析 A history of human civilization is a rule and freedom. 凡事不要抱绝对肯定的态度。 Do not have absolutely positive attitude. 我们可以回忆起自己的梦,但假如别人不告诉我们的话,我们无 法知道他的梦。 We can remember our dreams, but if they don't tell us, we can't know his dream. 能聪明地充实闲暇时间是人类文明的最新成果。 To be smart enough to spare time is the latest achievement of human civilization. 结婚的风俗,总是三个因素的混合物,可以统称为本能的经济的 宗教的因素。 Marriage customs, always a mixture of three factors, can be collectively referred to as the instinctive, economic, religious factors. 可怕爱情就是可怕生活,而可怕生活的人已经被黄土埋了半截了。 To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. 正因为不幸福,他便可以向别人提出过份的要求。 Because of not being happy, he can ask for an excessive demand. 我们面临这样一个进退两难的境地,即教育已经成为智慧和自由 思想最主要的障碍之一。 We are faced with a dilemma that education has become one of the most important obstacles to wisdom and free thought. 奇妙的学习不但能使不愉快的事变得较少不愉快,而且也能使愉 快的事变得更愉快。上海时时乐走势分析 Wonderful learning can not only make the unpleasant work less unpleasant, but also make the pleasant work more enjoyable. 但是,幸福的获得,在极大的水准上却是因为消除了对自我的过 分关注。 However, the well-being of the gain, in a great extent, is due to the elimination of self attention. 【篇 3】 只问事实是什么,不要被愿望蒙蔽。上海时时乐走势分析 Just ask what the truth is, don't be blinded by the desire. 在一切道德品质之中,善良的本性在世界上是最需要的。 In all moral qualities, good nature is most needed in the world. 在各种各样的谨慎中,恋爱时也许是最有碍得到真正的幸福的。 In all kinds of care, love is perhaps the most to get real happiness. 我不会为某个理念献身,因为它有可能是错的。 I will not die for a cause, because it is likely to be wrong. 需求对象的残缺不全,正是幸福的必不可少的条件之一。 Incomplete object, is an indispensable part of happiness. 美国的民主,没有生命,也无意义,因为人民无法撤换那些真正 统治他们的人。 American democracy, no life, no meaning, because people can not replace the real rule them. 希望是坚韧的拐杖,忍耐是旅行袋,携带它们,人可以登上永恒 之旅。 Hope is a tough stick, patience is a travel bag, carry them, people can go on a journey of eternity. 必要的道德教育在婴儿出生的那一瞬间就开始,因为这样开始就 不会因太多的期望而失望。 The moral education necessary to be the best at the moment of the birth of the baby began, because it will not start too much hope and disappointed. 至高的幸福是建立在幻想上的幸福,因为他的代价最低:想像自 己为王比实际成王要容易。 The supreme happiness is happiness in the fantasy, because his price lowest: imagine himself a king be easier than a king in reality. 爱情和知识只要是存有,总是向上导往天堂。但是,怜悯又总是 把我带回人间。 Love and knowledge, as long as they are there, always lead upward toward the heavens. But always pity brought me back to earth. 参差多态乃是幸福之本源。 Diversity is essential to happiness. 荣耀归于身经许多年代战斗的勇猛战士,他们已为我们保有了无 价的自由遗产。 Glory to the body by numerous in fighting the warriors, they have the priceless heritage of liberty for us.